Saturday, July 19, 2008

he's baaack

i suffered through half of the summer...
but mitchell flynn-
ya know from this... and this...
is back to play!

this means i can see/talk about shows, effectively shop
(he helped pick our my supa-swank shades, and yes his shirt is from Forever21), swap music, go out to fun places to eat (like my new natural yogurt finds) and get re-hooked on a late nineties-ish series that no one else will... alias (yes, i know it wasn't really the 90s, but no one remembers it so it might as well be...). i love it, thank you very much, and i love that the first half of every episode mitch and i simply analyze the spicyness of jennifer garner's disguise...

dear mitch- get here quick... cause season 2 won't wait...
or maybe i can't...


  1. i like the name mitchell. perhaps one of the dunn babies that currently lives in the pre-existence will be named that. somethin' to discuss with myron asap. (:

    i haven't seen alias, but i hear that's a sin from some people.

    you are stinkin' cute in that pic BTW.

  2. the first "this" a link to our family shindigs?...does that have an emotional connection to Mitch? I wonder...

  3. I knew something was not right here.

    IMDB confirmed.

    Alias= on the air 2001-2006.



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