Monday, December 17, 2007

Sinter Claus Kapuncha

I am my mother's daughter.
I throw parties... it's just what we do.

Usually our monthly (sometimes bimonthly) CREPE NIGHT is themed and that makes for an exciting event.
Christmas ones are the best. Last month, I made a pumpkin mouse and we felt very festivy....
This time, we went red- all around red.

Notice the red crepes and the festive Christmas-ware- of course air-mailed from Peg... you thought I was joking when I said intense...

I even made a wassail that went over well,
and Donelle (wo)manned the crepes (red).
(no one else is as qualified for this position... I ruin every one I touch... it is best left in her care...)
I can ladle a drink product though- yes I can!

And we all made our own creation...

And then we took our annual family photos...
expect yours in card form shortly...

Please also take note of my brick fireplace...
look mom I can paint something crafty!

And then... after all of the kids had gone home...
we had one of my favorite days of the year....
FRO Christmas!...
(For Roommates Only)

Yep- we all ended up with matching pants and yummy fuzzy socks...
I love cute girls to live with that make me soooo happy!

On a side note: My entire family was at home, experiencing the full complete version of Rob's amazing Nativity oratorio... and the thought of missing it still makes my heart hurt... I know it was brilliant though- when is he not!
I even tried to incorporate a song into my lesson... and the ipod failed...
I cried because I couldn't even share it!!
Sad minute of an otherwise happy day...
Just want you to know that I was thinking of all of you at home
and thinking about making a chain to count down the hours until playtime...


  1. I went ahead and attended Rob's Nativity program thingy for you. I really was looking for you there intensely. I think I asked probably 5 different people if they had seen you there, but you weren't. I was sad! He is quite talented and magnificently amazing in the musical department. We better play when you get home. I feel a PeiWei lunch date coming on stat!

  2. So I love the Crepe Night. Well done. So sorry for you not to be here for the Oratorio. We will have to do it again where ever you are next year. I am also counting down the days for you to get home. I'm so done with you being in P-town. Blah, Blah, Finals, Blah, Blah. Now you know my true feelings. Very cute blog Megs. I heart it! Mom

  3. You and your roommates are so cute! Can't wait to see in in AZ! How u getting there?

  4. I missed the program too! I am still traumatized!!!!!! Stay happy -we love you!

  5. You guys look so warm and fuzzy in your matching stuff. Crepe night sounds like it was awesome! So cute!

  6. Those pictures are three words: A-Dor-Able!

    I especially like the one with your nad on one of your roommies' shoulders like it really is a family in-studio portrait!

  7. FUN! I love matching socks and pjs and crepe nights! It looks like you are always having a party, way to go.

  8. Meg-the party looks awesome and the pictures are great. Now I wanna throw a crepe party:)-but I have no dishes to have airmailed...
    I totally wrote a post talking about how "I Am My Mother's Daughter," too! How cool are we?
    When will you be home? If I'm here while you are we should play.


cause they make me smile