Monday, August 13, 2007

Moms say the darndest things...

It's Peg's Birfday!!! (I won't tell you how old she is, but she is 1 year away from being really really old...)

In honor of my beloved mother, I wanted to share with you a few phrases that she still uses, that cause me to respond, my whole life, I don't understand this!

Ones she has used recently and quite often, "well bless your pointed head!" (What the %$#^ does that mean? I still don't know, but I use it in lessons and they look at me weird.

Another that I have used in class is how she explained kids that are fully grown up and "ready for life" or whatever "cooked."

I was talking to someone once and we decided we were going to go to hell, (for whatever we were complaining about at the time) and he replied, "Yeah- in a handbasket." I replied, "In a white handbasket. "Why white?"-- "I don't know- that is just something my mom always says!!"

Peg: "I love every color as long as it's red!"

And, usually in response to "hey Peg, do you need a swig* or something?" she might reply something like, "Uh, does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?" (My whole life- I don't understand this...)But- truth be told, if you have known her longer than five minutes- you've heard it!

Another Peg-ism I will leave you with is the out-the-door-yell or phone closer love your guts! Yes mother- I love your guts... and your spleen and your kidneys and your face... and your butt... but I guess guts says it all! Happy Birthday mom- you are the best- no really- of all of the mom's I have ever had- you are the best!

I know peg has said some random things that us kids are still trying to unravel in our brains... do share... might be good to document them...that could help the process a bit... and then again... might not.

swig*- noun. a mostly Moffat/Huffaker-coined term that is used to describe a large, carbonated (usually caffeinated) beverage. Peg's swig of choice as you all know is a Route 44 Diet Coke with three slices of lemon... but don't call her high maintenence cause she will pull another useless phrase on you like "don't mess!"


  1. so i am so glad i found your blog! and by the way i heart peg and her creative lingo. hpe you had a delish time at geckos today!

    fyi- this is kali jarvis

  2. happy birthday peg! i have heard one or two of these phrases in my day... & i LOVE them as well!

  3. OMG my seminary teacher in 9th and 10th grade used to say "bless your pointed head"... she is the ONLY person I have ever heard say that.

  4. Hi Meg! It's me, your friend Liz. I miss you . . . but praise blogger for helping me find your blog.

  5. So true! Keep up the good work! We love you!

  6. Oh, I finally found you!

    I can completely and fully imagine Peg saying all of these things... and concur with the "I love every color as long as it's red" comment.

    Let's be, k? After all, we both have the same first song on our blogs.

    The end.

  7. Your mom is amazing. I love her. And so does Myron. And Chloe automatically does 'cause she has both of our love-peg-genes.

  8. Can I ask what's probably already known to everyone else? What happened to the Asian? Email me if you'd rather...

    Yep, still have my BJH roots:


cause they make me smile