Monday, October 4, 2010

gray clouds...smiling at me

a few days ago it rained through the morning.
i woke up today to gray clouds and blowing leaves...

in some odd way,
the cool air and sense of fall make me miss DC in october...
i miss the hour-long metro ride to school in my cowgirl boots...
trampling over sun-stained leaves that look painted on the brick walkways...
even sitting inside and hearing the wind whistle tugs at me...

it makes me think of the housefronts and all of the cute kids there.
it is funny that it's been 2 full years and i still miss my brief stint as an
"east coast girl"

this makes me want to get some pumpkins and liven up the place.
at very least its time for some snickers mix.


  1. I brought out your infamous snicker mix a few weeks soon as I saw the candy corn! I may or may not have the goodies to make another large batch. :)

  2. hey, did you see my post today? seems like we all have D.C. on the brain

  3. Totally time for the fall mix! And pumpkin! So true! I have none at my house and wish to remedy it as quickly as possible!

    Seems I always get sentimental this time of year, too. Scratch that, I am always sentimental. I feel ya girl.

    Thanks again for this weekend. It was so fun to see your place and where you're at and eat all your yummy treats. Thank you for making us feel at home!


cause they make me smile