Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BL update - final 4!!!

so, 4 birthdays, 2 mothers and g-mas,
and a 30-page paper later,

i'm back.

now, let's talk:

anyone else stoked for this finale?!!!

some of the best peeps were left for the makeover week,

most of all,
this guy:


chia pet is now back in the nineties at least.
and lookin so good!


i love his look - fits him well.


so, yeah, you still have a lot to go,
but lets talk about how cute you are now!!!

and SAM?!!!

need we say more...


who is just short of beyonce!


the outfit is bad. Very bad.
but, believe me,
she lookin good.

and we will get to see this gal:
who is earning $1000 per pound at home...

i'll be there.
with my hot mom who is 35 down

watch for the foto shoot #2 when peg hits 50 down!

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