Tuesday, August 11, 2009

our new arrival...

welcome home, baby mac
welcome home.

this may have been the first night i got to bed first.
cc is so happy to be a mac daddy.

which is good because cross-platform marriages
could be potentially harmful.
thanks for converting, babe.

...just in time for school in 3 weeks- agh!


  1. Look at your cute little outfit! And look at your baby buckled in! Haha- I love it.

  2. Macs... so expensive... I can't hate them, but I can't love them either.

    I'll settle for my PCs: double the power, double the mouse buttons, half the style, a third of the price.

    Mac OS X is still tempting though...

    But I will NEVER get an iPhone unless they approve the Google Voice App. (Which, unless the FCC really comes down hard on Apple/AT&T, will never happen.)

  3. pretty pretty!

    I could never cheat on my trusty PC. I almost did, but I just can't bring myself to do it. Plus it'd be 10+ years experience thrown away to re-teach myself an OS. Yikes!

    P.S. I always forget how stinkin' fun it is to read your blog. No worries. You've made it onto my stalk daily list. :)


  4. I love it. My fiance just made the transition to a mac. I am happy to know that we will be a mac family. The important things in life.

    Rachel Favreau

  5. OHHH!!! What a beautiful addition to your family! :) Baby Mac's are the best things eva and we like Mac Daddy's in our house too! Good luck with school! Love, Cam

  6. You are sooooooo lucky!
    Way to go!

  7. Stop! You're making me Mac-hungry!


cause they make me smile