Monday, April 13, 2009

[not so] long-winded movie review: knowing

aliens. there i ruined it.
the book of revelations as you thought you knew it was actually resulted from aliens.

oh, and when the earth burns, it will be because of aliens.

there. now you know not to see this film that will ensure to waste 2 hours of your precious wedding-planning weekend time that you will never get back.

yes, i ruined it for you. the first 45 minutes are kind of cool slash pretty creepy, but then they give it eh ole, "oh crap, we have a huge plot hole that we need to fill and don't know what to do. i know, ALIENS!!"

gaytown hollywood. i want my 8 bucks back.

in my humble, yet correct opinion: (not worthy of rating. this movie was so paul blart)
own or rent it? just take a sharp object to your eyeball instead. that sounds like fun.


  1. I found this movie to be quite good... during the first half. Once the aliens came into play, I was wondering... where are they going with this? There are many movies that take common beliefs or situations and try to put a science fiction spin on them (either aliens or robots or both), but they can either do this by inference and end the movie on a mysterious note and leave you to imagine what really happens... or (like in Knowing) they can just show it. Unfortunately, there is no believable, classy or, frankly, entertaining way this can be done. Knowing definitely fell victim to this same sci-fi pitfall. I mean, I think they could have even saved the plot of the movie had they not decided to actually show the aliens and their spacecrafts, but aren't cool computer graphics better than a good story?

    My opinion: watch Signs instead. It has aliens, but its actually a good movie.

  2. Ummm... THANK YOU.
    I almost wasted $8 to go see this.

    PS- you're funny.

  3. I could have saved you $8 with this simple equation: Nicolas Cage = Don't See It.

  4. Was that a review of that new indian jones movie :)

    Aliens, there ruined it.


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