Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the little things i dream about....

thanks a lot, tax refund, now i dream of more things to spend with you....


  1. I keep trying to leave comments and then my computer struggles!!! so here's hopin'....A HUGE CONGRATS!!! THIS IS SUCH EXCITING NEWS!!! ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF IT! YOU'LL BE A BEAUTIFUL BRIDE! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE DRESS AND SHOES YOU WEAR!!! LOVE YA! LIFE LOOKS GRAND!!!

  2. I love all those shoes! How can you possibly choose with so many cute options! Have fun spending the tax refund!

  3. Congrats girl! That is so exciting!! I left a comment on your Rascal Flatts post too, do read!

    p.s. you will be the most beautiful bride!

    Ashley Whiting 2604 E. Glade Ave.
    Mesa, Az 85204

  4. Your shoe choices are fantastic!


cause they make me smile