Sunday, February 8, 2009

new calling in life:


today as i was getting to know my new crew, amid the crazy name game,
i would ask them a question that they all answered so i could get to know them...

one was simply:
what would be your all-time favoritist candy in the whole wide world?

ryan (cute little girl): milk duds... and sweettarts
nathan: m&ms. plain.
hunter: me too.
me: you too, what?
hunter: plain m&ms. i like em, but they aren't my favorite.
me: what IS your favorite:
hunter: can you give me a minute?

me: k, kyler, what would your all-time favorite candy in the whole wide world be?
kyler: [dead-pan face] i don't like candy.
me: any candy? like nothing at all? hmm.... what would be your favorite food?
kyler: dunno.
me: so say, its your birthday and mom could make anything... what would it be?
kyler: nothing. i would ask for $20.
me: ok, what would you do with the $20, then?
kyler: invest it...... in microsoft..... that's what i do.

what is wrong with the world?


  1. Something is very wrong here. I mean, if this kid thinks Microsoft is a good place for long term financial investment, something has gone terribly wrong. He's already 7, so he should know to invest in an aggressive blend of mutual fund at his age.

    What are we teaching out children? Meg, I'm counting on you to fix this.

  2. You have the most blog followers of anyone I know. Impressive work.


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