Friday, January 16, 2009

long-winded movie review #4 — waitress


ok, so i saw this one a while ago whist in the district, but nevertheless, it must be mentioned...

i have always held a special place in my heart for my fellow mesa stars dancing former LDSer keri russell. i love her innocent curls and porcelin doll-ness... and she has really grown as an actor in the last few years. kudos. oh- and it has a bit part by andy griffith that is charming as all get out too...

the style of this one is what is so fun and yes, charming. very independent, aka cheaply filmed was the key here and a great gimmick of sorts. the gimmick being the pies. the story revolves around this woman (russell) who bakes pies of all kinds. they serve a new one a day that she makes up and they all have random names like "pregnant, miserable, self-pity, and loser" pie. it just makes you smile all the way through as you root jenna on to her happy life.

ya know what else i love? i love the way it ends. won't tell you, cause i want you to rent it and see for yourself, but i just adore it. it is empowering, even for a suberbanite like me with far fewer trials than the waitress...

in my humble, yet correct, opinion: 4.5/5
owner/renter: yes. definitely. own it, that is.

great pick me up/chick flick/comedy/dramas are always good to have around in a funk.
in fact, i could go for some waitress right about now...

don't forget to vote over there. looks like it is getting heated.
hope one side can pull out all the phone call rallies he's got to win it...


  1. Emily and I loved this movie. Really sweet.


  2. I liked this movie alot too. I'm also a fan of Nathan Fillion as well as Keri Russell. Plus I noticed it had the guy who played Elton in Cluless. After watching this movie I felt inspired to create something miraculous in the kitchen. Her pie names are fantastic


cause they make me smile