Tuesday, December 9, 2008

mac and i are going through something and would appreciate some space here...

you know what? [sniffle] i am sick of this!

every time i try to turn you on, you shut down on me!

then, i try to push all your buttons that i know get you going...


this relationship isn't going to last very long—i can tell...

i don't care if you are a G4 model... who's been the one to take care of you all these years?

maybe you need your memory rebooted, or some more space leftover on your drive....

where is all that drive being used up anyway!
[incessant tears]

you know, if you died i would just find a new model... one that, i know, could meet all my needs and more...

whatever it is, just come back to me...[pause for dramatic effect]...

cause i don't want to have to leave you... [dramatic turn with the hanky... and exit]


  1. I'm praying for your sake Steven doesn't see this...he does not care for Macs and whenever people have problems he tends to go into a "I told you so" performance, well as much as he really can...he's too sweet (unlike his wife) to fully unleash.

    Computer problems are extremely frustrating, I wish you the best of luck.


    The Wife of the Mac Hater

  2. I pray that the real Steven doesn't see this.

    Steve Jobs.

    Take back those things you said about Mac. You keep feeding the fire with your verbal abuse. Mac is the victim here.

    Me and My Mac have seen hard times. Every relationship needs preventive maintenance. Sometimes I let Mac just take a break from editing video, or photos, I give her something boring like spreadsheets or word processing to chew on, this calms them down.

    If you need counseling, go to your local Mac center. The geniuses there will help you two get through this.

  3. Switch to VISTA and then you will appreciate MAC!

  4. Waa,Waa, Waa. So sad. Maybe if you gave more to the relationship than just always taking then things would work out. What are you giving, huh? True, you "use" Mac to your specific needs very well. But, What about his needs, huh? Have you allowed Mac and his Genius to bond for any length of time? Or has it just been blog,blog, blog, or photo processing of death, not to mention the g-mail, and I think you know what I'm talking about. So I will give you space. What are you giving?


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