Wednesday, November 12, 2008

in honor of veteran's day: a foto essay. arlington cemetary

there is a window of perfect leaf weather here in virginia...

and i think we made it just in time...
it was a beautiful place to be.

let me know which ones you like

the next few posts will most likely be picture heavy.
deal with it.


  1. Meg, your pictures are absolutely beautiful. I love the silhouette one...Deanna had mentioned the leaves there are perfect autumn leaves, these pictures prove it! Job well done!

  2. Megan these area absolutely gorgeous! You must truly be loving your time there! Can't wait to see more!

  3. Be-you-tiful! Methinks a freelance business is in your future.

  4. Excellent pichas Meg! You are even professional with your "Foto by Meg" watermark! Good job!dirospres

  5. wow Meg! I'm glad you are enjoying your amazing camera so much! These are beautiful!

  6. Those are amazing...I seriously had to close my jaw. Love, Cam

  7. They are all beautiful...I can't choose one. I am so impressed that you are so talented.


cause they make me smile