Friday, October 17, 2008

math? i don't teach math... but i see a problem...

one larger-than-life project due tomorrow

one huge apartment full of 6 teachers
planning for 4 classes a week
just plain being ADD...


our other "married" student teacher (doesn't live here)
showed up to "work" with us
and asked how we were doing...

friggen great thanks...
just great...

totally on task and productive...

...and yes, we are all in the profession of teaching students to be great students...

who's ADD...?


is that... a chicken.... over there...?

someone's throwing stuff...

you gonna build a fire or what?

no... but i will blog about it... to prove how good i am at stuff...

...prize to anyone who can tell me the tallest building in the world!

hoping your weekend is more conducive to productivity than mine thus far,

p • E • a • C • e

side note: my roommates all just came into my room laughing...
so... you read the blog already...?
"of course, we are working on that teacher work sample...
aka blogging... and I was thinking,
if we were in the hospital right now...
would we still have to do this damn project?...
just wondering"


  1. thank you for quoting the Groove...cause it's totally one of my favs! and thank you for including these pics, cause they are...well, there's really no word for it!

  2. Wow! I can just imagine how today is going. Good luck with that. Wow! Where did the "costumes" come from? Awesome!

  3. WOW. How embarrassing. We were trying to be all stealth and you caught us. I must say that last night, around 1:30, hour 2,578 of working on this project, may have been the best part. And we're not even done with it. Pathetic.

  4. ok i know i look like a total blog stalker right now, but your blog came up in my suggested reads, and i saw you were student teaching in dc right now.

    i'm going to be student teaching there in january and was wondering if you had any helpful hints or such you could pass on? like what to bring, what not to bring, how does the apartment situation work? does byu rent it, is it furnished, what should i bring there? i heard rumor you're not allowed a car? how do you see the sights, get food, or get to the school? ok, is that enough questions?!

    i totally understand if you think i'm crazy and just delete this comment, but if you feel like passing some helpful info along, i would appreciate it. you can either do so on my blog or email me at: marishathomson at hotmail dot com thanks (:


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