Tuesday, September 23, 2008

you know its fall when...

few might be surprised to know of my sports crush on these guys...

...pitta, unga, hall, vakapuna, occasionally some collie...among others...

thank you to the men in my life for bringing me a pure form of entertainment just in time for what one can only hope will be the best season for the cougs in the history of football.

i salivate at that thought.

don't be creeped out, that's entirely normal. and probably a dog-like reaction to eating naughty things whilst captivated by this live representation of all things male. mmm... watch em, you won't be sorry...

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just be ready for friday, aggies... .
..cause no. 11 will eat you


  1. go cougs.
    but you forgot mr mhs - david tafuna.
    how could you?

  2. We have loved the fun of the cougs here and all the AZ Moffats are getting in the game. It's so sad that BYU decided to go with the "Mountain". We would be better and even more avid if we could see all the games in the comfort of our own home. Still, what naughty stuff are you eating and do I need the recipes for the Moffat Men on game day?


cause they make me smile