Wednesday, May 7, 2008

thanks for ordering my sunshine mom...

remember when it was sunny and beautiful yesterday?
and then how today the sky wept in provo...

all i could think of was my poor dying tulips all over campus...

anyway... the birthday was mostly uneventful except for an

a{freakin}mazing dark chocolate cake that my roommate made...

and calls and notes from cute people i love...

other than that, i am older-- and not a hint wiser for it.

~happy humpday~


  1. I am so excited we are blog friends... and blog twins. I heart you.

  2. Not a Hint wiser? Hummmmm.. You can at least detect an amazing chocolate cake from an ordinary one. I think it's possible you are a little older and a whole lot wiser than you think. I'll go ahead and order more sunshine though. You take it from there.


cause they make me smile