Thursday, February 28, 2008

at Eyring's suggestion:

i ran for 50 minutes at the gym yesterday... and after 40 minutes or so, without feeling the numbness in my legs or my usual 60-year-old heart failure, i found a second wind.

long story short: dear GOLD's GYM, continue to have a
cinema room. continue to play "Rudy" because the music and the constant small dude getting rocked that accompanies it, for some reason, left me without the ability to stop running. at the end of the 50 minutes i found that i was running at 8 mph and crying. at the gym. in the dark. by myself. that, i know, is pathetic—and awesome too... guess that movie and i go way back, like to cuddling with dad on the couch and leaving us both leaking from the tear ducts.

it made me think of something else as i watched Rudy get into the school of his dreams and watch him do exactly what he wanted to in life: i am about to graduate from college! i guess i never thought twice about coming here though, i just did. i am so lucky to be here and i do thank the Lord for the blessing every day.

in my first class ever here at BYU, my American Lit History teacher took a moment and showed us a slide show of all of the authors and texts that we had learned about throughout the course of the semester. again, in the dark, i may have shed two or three. i was so amazed for some reason (i can still learn crap?). can't put together a video for what i have gained here in the 3 years, but it is nevertheless priceless.

I would also like to note that today is my grandmother's birthday- she must be like 65 today or something ;) I have sure learned a lot from her and wish that lived close enough to hang out with her. She is one of the hippest, most stylish, and witty (by default!) grandmas I know! And lets face it, every one who knows her loves her. She travels more than most people I know just to be close to her cute people and she writes her personal history for me to keep forever. What an inspiring treasure that I get to keep forever! Thanks grandma for years of yummy meals, matching sister clothes, movie analyzing, support, advice, chats, laughing, and love.
Sure love you—Happy Birthday G-ma!


  1. I miss Lorraine too!! She is adorable... I love grandma's. Tyler and I decided to go to the family ward and I am so excited because I get to be with other people's grandma's!!!YEAH!!

  2. Impressive. I've never lasted more than 20 minutes on a treadmill and that was one time. But I've never watched a movie either (on a treadmill). I can't think of a better movie to run to than Rudy. Rocky would be my 2nd choice. Then maybe Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  3. I'm with Matt T. I would choose Rocky also but just the original. The rest of them bug. Thanks for the cute post about your G-Ma. I hope she sees it. We are taking her to Music Man for her Birthday Tonight! Nice post girl. G-Ma will love it! Heart, Mom

  4. I love your Grandma too- who couldn't?!

    And I can totally totally picture you jogging and crying over Rudy. Just another typical day in the life of M3.

  5. Rudy is my FAVORITE movie! And the soundtrack that goes along just makes it a million times better. Now I wanna go watch it.

  6. If you read this... Happy Birthday Grandma! Thanks for the cute note to Grandma, Meg. It made me smile.

  7. That is awesome about your treadmill meeting Rudy; what a fabulous movie, a complete classic! Which Golds down here has a movie room? We go to the one in Orem off 8th and I don't think it does :( fooey

  8. So..uh...Meg...i tagged you..only because you have access to "the booth" and I knew you would be good. My apologies. Check out mi blog.

  9. I think you are officially the best blogger I know! Haven't seen you in a long while. It's sad!


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