Monday, September 3, 2007

Cameron Mae turned 2!

Someone just asked me the other day if having nieces makes me baby hungry.

I said, "ya know, the whining, hungry, diaper-changing part doesn't... but they are so cute...that yes- yes I suppose it does!
(It only takes nine months ya know....
oh wait... I know- that whole married thing first....right...whatever.)

If this doesn't make you want kids... don't know what will:

Cam the Material Girl!


  1. I guess we both thought that was funny--I put the dumb girl on my blog last week too!

  2. um, just so you know...sometimes when i'm cleaing/working/or scrapbooking, I'll open your blog & sing along to your soundtrack.

    you have good taste. have i said that before? if not, i repeat: you have good taste.


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